Top 5 Sources For Financial News In Canada

Philippine Stock Market Board by Katrina Tuliao, on Flickr Guest post by Andrew Salmon

Keeping up with the ever changing landscape of the economy both in Canada and around the world has become a by the minute exercise which traditional print newspapers can no longer handle. Timing is everything and people are turning to alternate suppliers for their financial information. The Internet has changed the way we do business and it’s no surprise that most of our attention is now turned there as we keep our fingers on the pulse of the nation.

Here are the top five sources for financial news in Canada.


This website is a great place to start when checking the financial world is a must but time is short. Sort of a catch-all for Canadian news feeds, this site provides compact headings for the news of the day. With smaller headings, there is less scrolling and you can pinpoint the story you’re looking for easily and click directly to it without wasting precious seconds. The site also provides videos of the day’s news, a stock quote feature for the latest prices, and a free newsletter.

4. Canadian Business

The name says it all and the site is a priceless resource for business and daily financial market news in Canada. Everything you need to know about stocks, bonds, commodities and other financial information is at your fingertips and there is expert analysis to help you digest all the data. This is one site you definitely want to bookmark.

3. Financial Post

One of the mainstays of Canadian business reporting, this essential resource can meet all of your financial needs. If you’re stopping by for a quick look to see how the loonie is doing or you’re looking for up to the minute stock figures you’ll find it here. In depth articles follow, covering the Canadian business scene and the world markets and trends to keep you one step ahead of the competition. It’s a global economy and Financial Post hasn’t forgotten that.

2. CBC News – Money

If you’re looking for the latest news on the Harmonized Sales Tax, currency rates, Canadian employment numbers, or market information than CBC Money is your website. They currently have a section dedicated to the 2010 federal budget. The only downside of this website is the comments section which seems to attract a mixed bag. The site does feature great CBC news videos if you’d rather have your business updates, interviews, panels, and breaking news in video. A valuable site when you don’t have a lot of time.

1. Globe And Mail

Whether in print or online, the Globe and Mail is the backbone of the Canadian financial scene. The website always features the most up to date news. Hot off the presses articles, stock quotes and market blogs are constantly updated. Plus the site has a traditional feel for ease of use regardless of your computer savvy. It’s as close as you can get to a print newspaper while still offering all the immediacy the Internet can provide.

This article was written by Andrew Salmon from LifeCover – a website with information about life insurance in Canada.

The Benefits of Moving to Canada

Guest post by Sarah Harris, Marketing Manager of Adiamor

If you are considering relocation, Canada is the country to think about. Whatever your reasons for moving, Canada is an amazing, dynamic, beautiful country to end your search. Located in North America and surrounded on three sides by the Atlantic, Arctic, and Pacific oceans, it is a wonderful place to create roots with its rich history.

The United Nations has rated Canada as the best place to live every year since 1994. Mix that with an economy that’s in better shape than most all the developed nations, and you have a great thing going. It’s fast growing and modern which provides a lot of opportunity. There are vast natural resources, and the development that is going on is huge. The forests, oils, and minerals mean sustainability and stability. Take a trip to Horseshoe Falls and wonder at the beauty. It takes a minute to realize that beauty is a huge source of hydroelectric power.

With clean land, clean living, clean environment, mixed with healthcare, the life expectancy is about 76-1/2 years old. Crime rates are very low. There are strict gun control policies, and a strong community police system. It is a safe place to live. The general atmosphere is more laid back than you find in other countries, even in the metropolises. Less stress means a better life.

The rate of unemployment is lower than other countries. New jobs are created every year. With low taxes, there is a stable personal economy. Canadians keep more of what they make. A great educational system is in place, plus subsidized post-secondary education. Canadians invest a lot of resources into their education plan. They have a great educational reputation.

There is a strong sense of diversity. Multiculturalism is encouraged and unique cultures are celebrated. There are a wide range of Visa programs, with a points based immigration system. This leads to legal immigration, with increased prosperity both as a country and for individuals. The Canada Charter of Rights and Freedoms enables the practicing of your religion and language.

The varied landscape is beautiful. Large cities, calming mountains, oceans, farms, plains. The nature to experience is simply extraordinary. Of course, that means if you love outdoor activities, you have a lot to look forward to in Canada. Whether you head to the Atlantic region to catch lobsters, discover the Northern Lights in the Northwest Territories, visit the Niagra wine region in Central Canada, or see white pelicans in the prairies, just come. Explore. Investigate. See if it is time to call Canada “Home.”

Sarah Harris is the Marketing Manager at Adiamor Engagement Rings. Adiamor offers a large selection of engagement ring settings, loose diamonds, and other fine diamond jewelry at affordable prices.