Canadian Mountain Ranges

Canada’s triumphant mountains are a memorable experience, studded with glaciers, lakes, waterfalls, canyons and limestone caves. The majestic ranges form a striking mountain landscape.

Situated in spectacular settings resplendent with forests and lakes, Canadian mountains are dramatic with long glaciers, deep valleys and rugged vistas.

The deep snow pack found in many mountain ranges throughout the winter make for a long season with superb skiing. Many popular resorts feature abundant selection of runs in the trees and in the high alpine, glaciated terrain. The many valleys have various micro-climates that allow for good skiing in virtually all weather conditions.

Principal Mountain Heights by Range or Region

Torngat Mountains Elev (m)
Mount Caubvik1 (highest point
in Nfld.) (on Nfld.–Que. boundary)
Cirque Mountain 1,568
Mount Cladonia 1,453
Mount Eliot 1,356
Mount Tetragona 1,356
Quartzite Mountain 1,186
Blow Me Down Mountain 1,183
Mealy Mountains
Unnamed peak (53°37′ 58°33′) 1,176
Kaumajet Mountains
Bishops Mitre 1,113
Long Range Mountains
Lewis Hills 814
Gros Morne 806
Prince Edward Island
Highest point
Queen’s County (46°20′ 63°25′) 142
Nova Scotia
Highest point
Cape Breton Highlands (46°42′ 60°36′) 532
New Brunswick
Mount Carleton (highest point in N.B.) 817
Wilkinson Mountain 785
Monts Torngat
Mont D’Iberville 1(highest point in Que.) (on Nfld.–Que. boundary) 1,652
Les Appalaches
Mont Jacques-Cartier 1,268
Mont Gosford 1,192
Mont Richardson 1,185
Mont Mégantic 1,105
Les Laurentides
Unnamed peak (47°19′ 70°50′) 1,166
Mont Tremblant 968
Mont Sainte-Anne 800
Mont Sir-Wilfrid 783
Monts Otish
Unnamed peak (52°19′ 71°27′) 1,135
Collines Montérégiennes
Mont Brome 533
Ishpatina Ridge (highest point in Ont.) 693
Ogidaki Mountain 665
Batchawana Mountain 653
Tip Top Mountain 640
Niagara Escarpment 600
Blue Mountains 541
Osler Bluff 526
Caledon Mountain 427
Baldy Mountain (highest point in Man.) 832
Highest point in Porcupine Hills 823
Riding Mountain 610
Cypress Hills (highest point in Sask.) 1,468
Wood Mountain 1,013
Vermilion Hills 785
Rocky Mountains
Mount Columbia (highest point on Alta.–B.C. boundary) 3,747
North Twin 3,733
Mount Alberta 3,620
Mount Assiniboine (on Alta.–B.C. boundary) 3,618
Mount Forbes 3,612
South Twin 3,581
Mount Temple 3,547
Mount Brazeau 3,525
Snow Dome (on Alta.–B.C. boundary) 3,520
Mount Lyell (on Alta.–B.C. boundary) 3,504
Hungabee Mountain (on Alta.– B.C. boundary) 3,492
Mount Athabasca 3,491
Mount King Edward (on Alta.–B.C. boundary) 3,490
Mount Kitchener 3,490
British Columbia
St. Elias Mountains
Fairweather Mountain (highest point on Alaska–B.C. boundary) 4,663
Mount Quincy Adams (on Alaska–B.C. boundary) 4,133
Mount Root (on Alaska–B.C. boundary) 3,901
Coast Mountains
Mount Waddington 4,016
Mount Tiedemann 3,848
Combatant Mountain 3,756
Asperity 3,716
Serra Peaks 3,642
Monarch Mountain 3,459
Rocky Mountains
Mount Robson 3,954
Mount Columbia (on Alta.–B.C. boundary) 3,747
Mount Clemenceau 3,642
Mount Assiniboine (on Alta.–B.C. boundary) 3,618
Mount Goodsir: North Tower 3,581
Mount Goodsir: South Tower 3,520
Snow Dome (on Alta.–B.C. boundary) 3,520
Mount Bryce 3,507
Selkirk Mountains
Mount Sir Sandford 3,522
Cariboo Mountains
Mount Sir Wilfrid Laurier 3,520
Purcell Mountains
Mount Farnham 3,481
Monashee Mountains
Torii Mountain 3,429
St. Elias Mountains
Mount Logan (highest point in Canada) 5,959
Mount St. Elias (on Alaska–Yukon boundary) 5,489
Mount Lucania 5,226
King Peak 5,173
Mount Steele 5,067
Mount Wood 4,838
Mount Vancouver (on Alaska–Yukon boundary) 4,785
Mount Macaulay 4,663
Mount Slaggard 4,663
Mount Hubbard (on Alaska–Yukon boundary) 4,577
Northwest Territories
Mackenzie Mountains
Unnamed peak (61°52′ 127°42′) (highest point in N.W.T.) 2,773
Mount Sir James MacBrien 2,762
Axel Heiberg Island
Outlook Peak 2,210
Baffin Island
Mount Odin 2,147
Devon Island
Summit Devon Ice Cap 1,908
Franklin Mountains
Cap Mountain 1,577
Mount Clark 1,462
Pointed Mountain 1,405
Nahanni Butte 1,396
Melville Island
Unnamed peak (75°25′ 114°47′) 776
Banks Island
Durham Heights 732
Victoria Island
Unnamed peak 655
Ellesmere Island
Barbeau Peak 2,616
1. Mount Caubvik is also known as Mont D’Iberville in Québec.
Source: Statistics Canada
February 16 2000.

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