Your Canadian Vacation

The reasons to come to Canada are as vast as the country’s size. With a variety of beautiful sites, coupled with the warmth and friendliness that makes Canada so well regarded internationally, any of the cities alone would be justification for a visit. When you couple that with the splendour and majestic solitude of Canada’s lakes, rivers, and mountains, you realize thet Canada is a country of very diverse cultural and geographical features. The only prerequisites for an enjoyable visit are an open mind and adventurous spirit.

The range of experiences available to visitors are virtually unlimited. In the east, NewfoundlandNova ScotiaPrince Edward Island and New Brunswick form the unique maritime experience of Atlantic Canada.

West of the maritimes is Québec, where the beautiful scenery and French culture of the villages and countryside complement the cosmopolitan flair of Montreal.

Continuing westwards is Ontario, rich in history and host to Canada’s capital city Ottawa, and Canada’s most populous city Toronto.

West from there is the tremendous natural beauty of the prairie provinces, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Further still is Alberta, where the prairies meet the mountain ranges of the Western Canada. Don’t miss the Calgary Stampede, an annual event bringing the rodeo to this important metropolitan business center.

British Columbia is the westernmost province, renowned internationally for it’s spectacular forests, mountains, pristine lakes and ruggest coastline. Vancouver, Western Canada’s most important business center, has many beautiful attractions. Victoria, the City of Gardens and capital of the province is Canada’s number one tourist destination.

No matter why you come to Canada, you’ll discover that once is not enough. As the world’s second largest country, it will take many visits before you come to understand the true scope of Canada. From the excitement of bustling cities, to the solitude of a wilderness you thought you would never experience, Canada has it all.

If you are from outside Canada, visit the Canadian Tourism Commission website. Also, check out travel information for each of the provinces, sites, and parks at the Government of Canada website.

Canadian embassies are also a good source of information when planning a trip to Canada. They can provide information on passports and other travel documents, must-see destinations, Canadian currency, weather, and more. For more information visit the Canadian Embassy Website.