Education Choice in Canada

Guest post by Jim Huinink, Director of Web Strategy for

Whether you are new to Canada or just a new parent in Canada, there are many choices to be made in finding the right school for your son or daughter. Many of the public schools in Canada offer an exemplary education.

However, many parents and children have more specific needs or desires that can be met only by one of Canada’s many private schools. Within the broad sphere of private education there are a wealth of options for parents and their children. These options include girls’ boarding schools, boys’ schools, Montessori schools, Christian schools, Jewish schools and Waldorf schools, to name a few. On top of those broad options, parents of children with special needs can find schools across Canada that specialize in helping their children. There are schools both public and private with programs to help children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and many other learning disabilities and challenges children might face.

Since every child and every family is unique, parents in Canada should investigate many different options to find out what school is right for their child or children. For parents living in or moving to any of the major centers such as Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal or Ottawa, there will be private schools to suit any need or challenge.

Like many countries in the Western world Canada prides itself on freedom of choice. This applies to education as well, where there is no need to think that there is one size to fit all. In fact, private schools in Canada are often at the forefront of innovation in education methods as well as technology. For example, Toronto was the first home of Montessori education in North America, where the Toronto Montessori School was founded in 1961. Innovation by Canada’s private schools is still seen today, exemplified for example, by the growth of the Arrowsmith Program.

Welcome to Canada

For families outside of Canada considering sending their children to Canada for English language immersion and exposure to Western culture, there is no better, safer alternative imaginable than a private school in any of Canada’s larger cities. Since parents sending their children to Canada will have to pay tuition and board no matter where they go, there is no better choice imaginable than sending a daughter or son to one of Canada’s premiere boarding schools which welcome students from abroad with open arms.

In fact, Canada’s universal reputation for being exuberantly welcoming certainly extends to its private and boarding schools. As one student puts it, “I have friends here from Zambia, Jamaica, Korea, China, Ukraine and Hungary. The school is so welcoming that we all feel comfortable, regardless of where we are from or what our first language is.”

Jim Huinink is the Director of Web Strategy for, Canada’s premier guide to private schools, including private education choices from girls’ boarding schools to schools with at risk programs.